Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Smart Twin

When we were going through high school people often referred to me as the smart twin as I would often get better marks. Over the years we both took different directions. I started blogging and writing, Nick got interested in robots – building, programming and designing them. I gradually lost the title of smart twin.

Nick is now the smart twin, but I aim to try and get it back. I have recently got back into computer programming. My new button box that Nick helped make for me as a Christmas present uses an Arduino Leonardo to interface with the computer. If I wish to change what the button box does I have to alter a program in the Arduino IDE and uploaded it - all very easy.

Then I discovered it is possible for a PC to communicate directly with an Arduino using the Microsoft .NET framework. I can write programs in C# to make the micro controller do things. This could be controlling a robot arm or rover - I don’t really know yet, but it is going to be fun screwing around with this.

I am also currently in the process of creating a website for a business that I am starting. Originally I started creating an original WordPress theme, but I ditched that idea and just created a plain HTML/PHP site. I think I will eventually get back into creating a WordPress theme as eventually I will need to have a blog on the website.

Anyway, these are my plans to win back the title of smart twin - don’t tell Nick.

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