Monday, 7 July 2014

The Eastern Suburbs Hackers Group

Ever since I went to the ConnectedCommunity Hacker Space (CCHS) in Hawthorn I have wished there was a hacker space in the eastern suburbs closer to where I live in Park Orchards. Stuff wishing I thought, why not create one?

A Hacker Space is a place where people who are interested in making things and sharing knowledge can work together to create cool gadgets such as robots or develop new technology. It’s a place where the community get access to equipment like 3-D printers, laser cutters or CNC machine tools. It is also a social place where nerds and geeks can hang out.

My first step was to create the Eastern Suburbs Hackers Group MeetUp on - a social networking site that is used to create real-world social groups such as a book club.

Our membership is open and I would like people from all walks of life to feel that they can join. There are no prerequisites or special knowledge needed. Even if you just have an idea without any clue how to make it a reality - the community can help.

Our first meeting will be at my house. The members of our group all need to meet each other and we can work out things like a group name and how our community will achieve our goal of creating a hacker space in the eastern suburbs.

Hacker Spaces are only a single element of a larger DIY/Maker Movement. The Maker Movement is the convergence of social media, the Internet, high technology, 3-D printing, free 3-D design packages, open source software, open source hardware, computer programming and more. It is now possible everyday people to create extraordinary gadgets. I also believe that the Maker Movement, and the corresponding explosion in information and computer aided design tools, is a great opportunity for disabled people to take their place as fully active members of the community.

Sign up!

The MeetUp group:

The website:

Facebook Group:

If you want more info or have any questions email me: or leave a comment.

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