Friday, 19 December 2014

This Cowardice Has to Stop!

When Sony pictures cancelled the interview because North Korea threatened them it was both cowardice and betrayal. Freedom of speech is completely meaningless if some two bit dictator can censor whatever he likes from the other side of the world.

Since then a number of cinemas started to playing Team America World Police as a protest - guess what Paramount pictures ordered these cinemas to pull it. Cowards!

Sony got hacked a couple of months back and that has now been blamed on North Korea by the FBI. The US government has told Sony there is no credible threat against them or the cinemas, they yanked it regardless. Sony, ironically, has never had executives that understand technology. I don’t know how many MMOs they have developed that have failed miserably due to either early release, insufficient support or plain old greed.

It is so wrong for Sony and Paramount to do what they did, simply because it greatly endangers our freedom of speech not just in America, but throughout the world. Even if somehow North Korea managed to pull off an attack on thousands of cinemas simultaneously no one would actually die. Maybe North Korea found some information in its previous attack on Sony and is using that as leverage to blackmail Sony.

You may ask, “who cares it looked like a stupid movie anyway?” As Obama said, “What if it was a documentary revealing important information to the public or a news story?” When you cave in to bullies all you do is encourage further abuse. Now countries like Iran and Russia might start using these cyberwarfare tactics as well.

This whole episode could be a small sample of what we may face in the future. There will now be a cyber arms race, if there isn’t already one. If countries start to use tit-for-tat cyber attacks it could degenerate into an all-out cyberwar. It could destroy the Internet we know, or at least make it unusable, but who knows really? Our entire global civilisation now depends on computers and the Internet, it’s a big worry.

Sony, Paramount you are arseholes, please stop shiting on us! And I’m really not sure if you can call this terrorism…

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