Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rise Up Australia Party - The New One Nation

Have you seen the ads on TV recently advertising the Rise Up Australia party? This party’s catchphrase is, “Keep Australia Australian”. This set me thinking, that sounds a little bit potentially racist. So I did some research.

I went to the website and clicked on their immigration policy where I found these words:

“It should be noted also that 8 out of every 10 refugees and asylum seekers are Muslims. It should be understood that to be called a Muslim you must practise the Islamic faith and hence embrace Sharia law. We at RUA can foresee the dangers of allowing such a vast quantity of peoples into the land who have their foundation of the Islamic law and Muslim faith.”
These couple of sentences have more plot holes than Elysium. There are many things that are in the Christian religion that the vast majority of Christians don’t practice. Muslims are exactly the same. Many of these refugees are fleeing from regimes that practice sharia law - that is one of the reasons they are leaving. The biggest Muslim nation on earth Indonesia, does not practice sharia law. There is such a thing as a moderate Muslim no matter how many times people say otherwise.

I looked up the leader of the rise up Australia party, Danny Nalliah. He is an evangelical pastor and young earth creationist. These guys believe that fossils and layered rock strata were deliberately put here by God to test our faith. Dinosaurs lived concurrently with humans and were on Noah’s Ark. Who knew God could be such a tricky bastard. Sorry, but the God that many of my friends believe in is not a liar.

Mr. Nalliah has history of vilifying Muslims. He was found to have breached Victoria’s racial and religious tolerance act, but got off on appeal. He failed to win a Senate seat in 2004 for the Family First party. He was finally booted from Family First after releasing brochures that told people to pray to that God would bring down Satan’s strongholds, that included gambling places, bottle shops, mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples. It gets worse, in 2009 he said the Black Saturday bushfires were punishment for Victoria legalising abortion in 2008.

A guy like this, if he ever got the chance, would turn Australia into a Christian equivalent of Iran. Bottle shops, gambling places and any place of worship that wasn’t Christian would close. Homosexuality would be made illegal. Abortion would be banned. Evolution would be removed from school science textbooks replaced by young earth creationism. This doesn’t sound much like the Australia I know. If you wish to keep Australia Australian do not vote for the Rise Up Australia Party.

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