Sunday, 20 October 2013

Look at my thing

This is a robot arm I have designed. It's based on the Turtle Bot arm and Phantom X Pitcher with an added wrist rotate. I'm also inspired by Patrick Goebel who wrote ROS by example without which none of this could be possible.

 My arm uses an Arbotix-M Robo controller with AX-12A actuators same as the turtle bot arm. And it is my first design added to the which is a website for sharing designs for all sorts of things mostly things to be made by 3-D printers. Such as Mendel Max or Prussia derived printers.

I designed it using Creo elements direct modelling express I know it's a stupid name but it's a great program, and the best part is it's free.

 There were a few fails along the way as can be seen from my box of prototype bits.

 Eventually I want to connect it to my robot and hopefully I can get it to do things around the house maybe even open doors.


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