Thursday, 2 January 2014

Just Thinking

I couldn’t really think of an idea for a blog post so I will talk about some things I have been thinking about today.

I was reading Wikipedia and there was a link to an article about St Petersburg on the front page. This city was founded in 1703 as Russia’s new capital - this is relatively young for a European city. This got me thinking what if we founded a new city today? Why would we do it?

One reason could be to create a special economic zone where taxes were lower and government regulation is greatly relaxed. It could also have modified immigration laws - allowing asylum seekers to work (this was a policy of the Future Party that ran for a Senate seat last year). Large companies such as certain car manufacturers that depend on government handouts and subsidies could be located in this city. This could solve two of the government’s greatest problems.

It is quite possible that this will never happen. Our leaders do not have dreams or ambitions for our country - they are only worried about the next election. You don’t hear leaders making moon speeches anymore. I want big and bold projects such as a very fast train between Brisbane and Melbourne, a gigantic solar thermal power plant or maybe a generation four thorium nuclear reactor (don’t worry they are safe unlike Fukushima).

One thing that definitely needs to happen is a 3-D printer in every school. 3-D printing will be an enormous industry and it is good to give kids the knowledge they will need in the future. This will also get kids interested in design and mathematics both are needed to use modelling software that is the first step of creating an object to be 3-D printed.

My brother and our stepdad are currently working on making a button box for my computer. This is a box that will allow me to press up to 5 keyboard buttons - as it is very difficult for me to use a keyboard. This will allow me to demonstrate my talent at playing computer games.

I started writing a story about an asteroid that gets taken over by a new, human created, intelligent species – hive rats. These are rats that have been modified to be able to communicate through a neural link. This was inspired an actual experiment.

Well, I can’t really think about anything else at the moment…

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