Thursday, 19 June 2014

Meet Cyclops!

Over the past couple of weeks Nick has been playing around with an AI vision library called Open CV with the Emgu CV .NET wrapper. Anyway, he finally got it to recognise a circular object and this morning he created a 3-D printed mount to attach his web cam to a servo so it could track objects - and Cyclops was born! I came up with the name…

Cyclops continues to be very disagreeable and refuses to look at the object or at anyone - especially if they are dressed in red.


  1. Yes he does, Amy (the girl filming on her iPhone & holding the orange cap) said she felt guilty at making him so upset. lol

    It's amazing how we can anthropomorphise such a simple machine. I don't think that robots will kill us all in the future, rather they will be our friends.

  2. Hopefully they aren't all as grumpy as Cyclops.