Monday, 16 June 2014

Raspberry Pi Static IP with Wi-Fi and Ethernet and a Free Set of Steak Knives! (Not Really)

I’ve been a bit sick for the past couple of days so I haven’t been blogging much. Although, I have found a bit of time to play around with my Raspberry Pi. I usually log onto the Pi using SSH or sometimes use VNC. For both of these it is useful to have a static IP address, so I found a couple of tutorials that will assist getting a static IP to work with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

First up is setting a static IP for Ethernet. This is a great tutorial that will step you through the process:

Enabling Wi-Fi is pretty easy as well and here tutorial to do that:

Wi-Fi static IP tutorial:

You may need to reserve the IP on your router so the IP doesn’t get given to something else on your network. This is also easy.

1. Find your MAC address. Go to the command prompt and type: ifconfig and press enter. If you also Connect to your Pi using an Ethernet cable they will be two MAC addresses on this page. Look for the line:

wlan0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:0b:81:93:a5:f7
the MAC address is that string of numbers and letters with : in between. To find the MAC address for Ethernet you are looking for a similar line that starts with: eth0

2. Go to a page that looks sort of like this.
On my Netgear router it is a link under advanced called LAN IP. Enter the MAC and IP address and click add.

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