Sunday, 23 March 2014

Paint.NET Review

I have been looking for a replacement for Photoshop for years. I got addicted to it when I was doing my multimedia course. Photoshop is way too expensive even though it is the best. was created by Rick Brewster for a computer science student project at Washington State University. It was developed as sort of a super Paint for Windows and is programmed using the .NET framework. It was then released as open source in 2004. Since then the various releases have been open or closed source (something to do with plagiarism according to Wikipedia). It is currently closed source, but under a freeware license. continues to be developed by Rick Brewster to this day. is an easy to use completely free photo editing program that does almost everything, layers, gradients, transparency etc. It has the support of a large community with lots of tutorials on YouTube. The community also develops plug-ins that can be used to increase the functionality of the program by adding effects or support for other file formats. has more plug-ins than I have ever seen in any other program.

After installing it is a good idea to download some plug-in packs and fonts. is available for Windows (sorry Apple(actually, I'm not sorry)) from their website:

Other useful links:

Plugin Packs I advise getting Red ochre and pyrochild's plug-in packs to start off with.

K163 Paint.NET Tutorials

5 stars out of 5.

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