Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Desktop War

I love my desktop computer and it is probably the most expensive thing I own. I love working on my computer and of course playing computer games. As far as I’m concerned the desktop shits on all other gaming platforms. Last year I wrote an article defending the desktop computer - it didn’t seem to work.

Ever since Apple released the first iPad people have been rabbiting on about the death of the desktop. Meanwhile what are they using to write these articles - a desktop.

A new trend is appearing with many corporations trying to put the desktop out of its misery. Recently Facebook killed Facebook messenger for Windows and they did not even bother creating a messenger for Apple Mac. Microsoft released Windows 8 wholly embracing the “tablet revolution.” It seems the only operating system that really supports the desktop is Linux.

Thankfully, there are a number of counterrevolutionary forces. There are many games developers that create Linux versions of their games just in case Microsoft suddenly try to kill the desktop. Chris Roberts the developer of the Wing Commander series is creating Star Citizen a desktop only game funded through kickstarter.

The desktop will not die, so please stop trying to kill it.

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