Friday, 28 March 2014


The recent incident where Newcastle Knights player Alex McKinnon suffered a serious spinal injury illuminates a serious problem with rugby league. It seems no matter how many times league players are told not to ram opposing players heads into the ground it still happens again and again. The players would think “it could never to me” this opinion is only confirmed when players walk from similar tackles. But every time a tackle like this occurs there is a massive risk of a serious life destroying injury. Alex McKinnon will be lucky if he can ever walk again.

I have spent the majority of my life in an electric wheelchair. All you people, who have the ability to walk take it completely for granted. The human body is incredible it allows you to travel almost everywhere that you can see. It makes me despair when I see people throwing away the gifts that they have. It is just so easy to become disabled - it can and does happen to anybody. A couple of simple precautions and using your brain can prevent a crippling injury from ever occurring.

I think the NRL needs to greatly increase the punishments for this kind of tackle. A two-year ban I think is reasonable. Two years that’s nothing - Alex McKinnon will probably never play league again and could be crippled for life.

A few simple precautions are things like getting vaccinated. Going to the doctor when sick. Wear safety equipment and use your judgement when playing dangerous sports. Have good personal hygiene. Don’t drive like a maniac or while drunk. Don’t do super dangerous, stupid, unnecessary things like climbing Mount Everest.

It angers me so much when I see such public examples of human stupidity.

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